Hair & Scalp Treatments


Hair Treatments


Hair Treatments

Revitalizing Oil Treatment

(30 min, $ 40)

Intensive hair and scalp treatment that closely replicates the scalp own natural sebum. It gives bouncy, healthy, soft, silky and shiny hair from the very first treatment.

Olaplex Hair Rebonding Treatment

(30 min, $ 50)

This conditioning service rebuilds individual hair strands for stronger, healthier, shinier hair.This is very effective treatment for overstressed and chemically damaged hair. It gives moisture and shine back after rebonding the hair strands. It improves the manageability and elasticity of the hair as well.

Scalp Treatments

Deep Exfoliation & Dandruff Treatment

(30 min, $ 60)

It helps to reduce dandruff and gently exfoliates and deep cleans the scalp. It minimizes the itchiness, flakes and soothes the scalp. Biodynamic Rosemary Essential Oil has purifying and microbial properties that gently eliminate dandruff and promote healthy scalps.

Hair Loss Treatment

(30 min, $ 60 & up)

The Hair Loss line stimulates new hair growth, while preventing further hair loss with an innovative use of biotechnological ingredients and powerful plant actives. This organic treatment strengthens the hair bulb, stimulates new hair growth and prevents hair loss. Thickens and densifies hair follicles for a fuller head of hair.