Body Wraps


Body Wraps


Body Wraps

Detoxifying Body Wrap

(60 min, $ 110)

This cocoon wrap is full of minerals and vitamins. It detoxifies by infusing the skin with healthy nutrients, removing toxins and even slimming down the figure temporarily. Although no body wrap is a miracle cure, it can be a wonderful addition to your skin-care regimen.

Cellulite Compression Wrap

(60 min, $ 120)

It is a localized treatment for cellulite and fatty deposits on arms, legs and buttocks. This wrap will target areas of cellulite (wrapped in ace bandages to compress fat cell). A few treatments are recommended.

Sea Salt Glow

(60 min, $ 100)

Uses sea salt granules to exfoliate which makes skin softer and smoother. Sea salt also nourishes and hydrates the skin because the salt is combined with oil. The salt glow is followed by an application of body lotion which leaves your skin feeling very soft and fragrant.

Enzymatic Body Peel

(60 min, $ 110)

Concentrated fruit and plant enzymes applied to the entire body; help make this extremely gentle treatment perfect for flaky, dry and dehydrated skin. This treatment is non-abrasive and has a calming effect upon the skin. Dead skin cells are sloughed away leaving supple and radiant skin.

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